Ronnie Coleman - Myo Blitz (240g)

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The Ultimate Pre-Training Muscle Builder


Ronnie Coleman - Myo Blitz



Ronnie Coleman Myo-Blitz - All my life I searched for ways to be the best, to be a leader and not a follower. During my career I was known as the strongest bodybuilder in the world and that came from wanting to be bigger and better than anyone who stood next to me on stage. I redefined bodybuilding and the meaning of intensity when it came to training and I'm here today to redefine the meaning of a true pre-workout muscle builder.

I am proud to introduce you to Myo-Blitz: The world's strongest pre-training muscle builder. Myo-Blitz has been engineered to provide you with the maximum amount of clean, intense energy & surreal focus without the use of vaso-constricting drugs that kill pumps! Most importantly Myo-Blitz will flood your body with a synergistic blend of the strongest muscle building ingredients found on this planet that are backed by science and will provide real results.

As I've always said, "Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder but no one wants to lift no heavy ass weights." Well now it's your turn. It's time to build muscle. It's time to be your own legend with Myo-Blitz. YEAH BUDDY!

  • Clean drug free intense energy and mental focus, no jitters
  • Free of vaso-constricting, performance inhibiting ingredients
  • Inclusion of leucic acid
  • Amplifies N.O. production
  • Fat burning suppor

    Monster Pumps

    • L-Citrulline to promote Nitric Oxide production and Blood Flow
    • Proven to be a more efficient Nitric Oxide protentiator than L-Arginine

    Fat Loss Support

    • Thermogenic activators for energy and fat burning support
    • No sugar and low carbs

    3X-treme Energy

    • Extreme concentrated energy and mental focus
    • No jitters, no crash, just clean energy and intesity
    • Drug Free!

    AstraGin Fortified

    • Fortified with 100mg AstraGin
    • Increases Amino Acid Absorbtion by 62%
    • Increases ATP Production by 18%
    • Increases Vitamin Absorbtion by 50%
    • Amplifies Nitric Oxide Production to give you a ridiculous pump

    HICA: Leucic Acid

    • HICA: A Revolutionary New Supplement Technology
    • Significantly increases Lean body Mass
    • Prevents overtraining and reduces DOMS

    Creatine Gluconate

    • Proven to be Superior in Solubility, Bio-Avaliability & ATP Production
    • No Loading, Cramping or Bloating.
    • Uses Glucose to Improve intestinal & Cellular Absorption


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