Quality Whey Protein powders

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Essential for growth and development, protein is the second most abundant compound in the body. Totally fundamental to the cells in our bodies, our muscles are made up of protein and require us to consume more in order to grow and heal. Likewise, some of the most significant anabolic hormones are also made up of protein such as, insulin and growth hormone. Highly connected with our metabolisms and energy, we know that protein is an essential nutrient for our health.


As such an essential nutrient, capable of growing and repairing muscles, protein can be bought and consumed with ease as a powdered supplement. Protein powders are an effective way to easily boost your protein intake and develop stronger and healthier muscles. As protein is found in both animal and plant sources, protein is available in a vast range of powders. With such a huge range of products the most common sources of protein in our supplements come from soy, dairy (whey and casein powders), egg whites, hemp and rice.


Protein requirements differ for each individual based on body mass, age and of course exercise needs. The consensus however is that exercising individuals should consume between 1.4 to 2 grams per day. Resistance focused participants and trainers levels should lean towards the higher side of the spectrum to ensure positive nitrogen balance and anabolic environment. Extra protein, commonly in bodybuilding protein powder form, should be consumed before and after a workout for maximum muscular gains and to speed up muscle recovery.


Not meeting your body’s protein needs can lead to a sever decrease in performance and ability to gain and recover muscles. Other benefits of adding protein supplements and powders to your diet include aiding weight loss by preventing binge eating throughout the day due to high protein meals sustaining your energy levels and keeping you feeling fuller for longer.


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