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Bodybuilding supplements are dietary supplements used mainly to promote performance, enhance muscle gain and weight gain, increase strength, lose weight, as a meal replacement and overall to improve athletic ability. These supplements are commonly used by professional athletes, bodybuilders, sports people and enthusiasts.


Body building supplements are a great way to gain strength and boost tired muscles. Bodybuilding supplements have been used for centuries, dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks who believed that consuming large quantities of specific herbs would promote strength and muscle size. These beliefs were founded and now from the times of the Ancients to today in Sydney, Australia where you can find all kinds of performance blends to increase muscle tone and build your strength which ultimately increases endurance and helps to promote faster recovery times.


Some of the most widely used bodybuilding supplements include vitamin supplements and protein supplements amongst others. You can buy available products in single form or as stacks which are special blends with two or more products marketed as having a group reaction and therefore giving targeted benefits. Bodybuilding supplements include:


  • - Protein: to meet recommended dietary amounts for enhanced muscle growth.
  • - Branched-chain amino acids: the building blocks of protein; the body breaks down protein to amino acids.
  • - Glutamine: An amino acid found in human muscle, also used to strengthen immunity and general health.
  • - Creatine: supplies energy to muscle cells in short bursts as required by bodybuilders. Increases muscular performance and growth.
  • - Thermogenic: a thermogenesis causing supplement, increases body temperature and metabolic rate. Promotes weight loss.
  • - Testosterone boosters: increases testosterone levels. Used to promote muscle size, strength and libido.
  • - Amino acids: there are many types available to suit your specific needs.


Though a huge amount of the Australian population in Sydney now use bodybuilding supplements to enhance strength and promote muscle growth and athletic ability, the quantity and frequency in which they are consumed may vary greatly to quantities used by professional athletes, sports people and bodybuilders.


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