Pharma Fuel - Isolate Fuel (2.27kg/ Over 70 Servings)

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ISOLATE FUEL is a clean & pure great tasting isolate protein. ISOLATE FUEL contains protein that has been manufactured into micro particle size so your body can instantly digest the nutrients.

ISOLATE FUEL also includes ingredients such as CLA and L- Carnitine to help support weight loss and control hunger.

ISOLATE FUEL is high in detary fiber and probiotics to support regularity and digestion. Use before workouts, as meal replacement or before you go to bed.

Pharma Fuel - Isolate Fuel



ISOLATE FUEL™ contains protein that has been manufactured into micro-particle sizes so your body can digest nutrients easily. ISOLATE FUEL™ has 24 grams of protein & 2 grams of fiber per serving makes this a healthy part of any weight loss program. Ingredients such as CLA & L-Carntine assist with weight loss and controlling hunger, as well as ingredients like bromalein for digestion and probiotics to help support colon health. Use before workouts, as a meal replacement, or before you go to bed.

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Nutritional Information

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